Reformation Project, Evangelical Artist-in-Residence

I reached out to my friend who organizes with the Reformation Project the moment I saw my first add for the Reformation Project conference in Chicago! “Do you have an Artist-in-Residence?”

I’m headed that way in 2 weeks, so you might have guessed they didn’t already have an artist for the space!

I’m so happy to serve this community of Evangelical LGBTQ Christians. Church innovation in art ministry is the next big shift coming in church and I want my community of LGBTQ churches to be able to benefit from this important and creative worship. Sometimes when communities excluded from traditional structures are so preoccupied with creating inclusive structures that we miss out on innovation. Art ministry is so important and can reach so many people with the Spirit of Creativity.

Reformation Project found someone to donate sky miles to me to be able to fly there! Park Ave. found me a place to stay and I’m off! Traveling and doing this freelance thing is very exciting. I’m learning how to stay on positive routines even while out of town and stay in my groove with spiritual painting and prayer.

Pray for me as I head out of town from Oct. 26-29! I’ll update with pictures of the 2 live paintings and graphic recordings from the sessions I attend, as well as a prayer installation.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 5.28.39 PM.png

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