painting to a poem…

On April 24 and 25th of 2017 I got to spend 2 incredible days sitting at the feet of Julia Dinsmore.

Her transparency and boldness apparent in her poems- especially “I am not those people”- was even more striking in person. Her wisdom and honesty shown through at every moment. Read her poem here.

I was painting while she was speaking and as I tried to let her words sink in and pierce my soul, I painted this abstract piece.

It is called “Over the Rainbow,” after a poem in which she describes the place in the “not yet” world where she imagines and re-envisions the tragedies of her friends lives – plagued by poverty in a system stacked against them – are freed to fulfill their dreams and live out their true purpose.

This place- the place over the rainbow, in my vision is God’s world where we are all freed from our shackles of poverty, stereotypes, racism, hatred, economics, tokenism and we are free to simply be who God intended us to be.

In her final piece that Julia shared at the Loving Your Neighbor Conference describes the role of the arts in creating the movement for justice. This is the work of Art in the Image- to inspire imaginations so we can create the world anew. I am so blessed to hear this message reflected by prophetic speakers like Julia Dinsmore!

Thank you to Julia and to Melissa for inviting me. The inspiration that Julia gave me I will remember forever.

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