Collaborative Collage Making

My ordination service was all about process. The process of becoming who God envisioned us to be. The process of growing into a calling. The process of growing, not perfection, but process was the focus.

So to illustrate this theme in a congregational art project I brainstormed with my friend, Ellen Gadberry, Liturgical Artist. Ellen was integral in devising this project!

Each pew held a small box with enough envelopes for everyone to receive one. At the beginning of the service everyone was invited to explore one envelope and use the contents to create a small collage. The envelope contained 12 small pictures, a 3″ square card, a glue stick and a large paper clip. It took some preparation to make 150 envelopes with these contents and my mom, Linda Rodenhi, helped greatly by contributing the envelopes and glue sticks. Ellen and I used a frame that had no canvas on it to create a space for hanging the squares by stringing wire to the back of the frame.

Everyone was given an opportunity to create a collage. Small collages done by individuals all combine into a larger piece that speaks to our current experience as a whole. Whether that is simply the experience of the worship service, or larger trends of our lives, this project helps each person in the congregation to create a small collage that tells a part of their own narrative. This expression is integral and explained more deeply in the Visual Narrative Pastoral Care Model page.


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