Collaging: A Lenten Practice


Often I have heard, as a Christian, about people giving up something for Lent. I thought
about doing this, during this
season. In thinking about Lent, I first thought that giving up something in a dietary restriction. This is a common practice for Lent, but in thinking about this practice, I found myself thinking of the personal benefits. This is not a reason for a Lenten practice.


Why take on a practice during this time of year? I realized that the process of Lent is a journey in the wilderness with Jesus. I too am on a journey. Coming to the end of seminary, I find myself waiting for a part of my journey to begin and not focusing on this moment of time. To be honest this time of my journey is really difficult. The terrain is rough and it is hard to stay in the moment. This lenten season I have taken on the practice of collaging these feelings. This practice is an effort to identify with and express sentiments about a difficult journey.

The terrain is almost impassable in each piece and the background of technical drawings or maps reinforce the journey difficult terrain theme. These pieces express the feeling of stagnation that can be prevalent in the process of journeying. I think these mixed media pieces can be a way to express feelings of inertia.

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