creative devotion seminar

Art in the Image has created and customized seminars to lead people toward developing expressions of their inner creativity, which is a way to develop spiritually. understanding our inclination toward creation as creations ourselves is part of the theology of creativity

In these seminars we take people from a position of -perhaps- never using artistic expression to a place where a person has basic practices of creative devotion and an understanding of the importance of imagination in re-invisioning this world. read more about art as devotion here.

In the seminars we can make a large-scale art piece together; or if one chooses the practice can be individual, but forging a piece of art as a group is part of the communal moral imagination that is part of spiritual development.

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as artists we feel all people have the creative capacity within themselves. children are often in touch with this creativity, yet as we grow, sometimes people forget their inner artistic inclination. read about creativity as devotion.

contact me to discuss how your group or organization can begin to express its creativity through art-making as an act of devotion.