Creative Outlet: Self Care & Crafting Yarn Labyrinths

Creative Outlet is a time to create art together as a community. There is no liturgy, just the spirit of God moving through the works of our hands. This in essence is the Theology of Creativity – the idea that we are all made in the image of a creator, who is the most creative and we all possess creativity because of our created-ness.

Creative Outlet is a creative spiritual event that helps Park Avenue lead into our new


sermon series. Coming up next, starting on September 17, we will begin a new sermon series called, “Got Fatigue?” The whole series is about the fatigue we suffer and strategies of self care to combat this fatigue. This crafting event on Friday, September 15 follows the same theme. We will create yarn labyrinths and enjoy some wine and talk about self care.


Join us! All are welcome. The room is all ready. We are very excited.

Here are some pictures of this lovely event and the alter that we created with our labyrinths:

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