devotional practice

This page is dedicated to a daily devotional practice of praying. I’m terrible at keeping a practice up, but I am determined to continue in practicing.

“We do not want to be beginners [at prayer], but let us be convinced of the fact that we will never be anything but beginners, all our life!”
― Thomas Merton

I’ve been through many different types of prayer. Maybe it would be helpful to hear about them.

  • movement prayers -involves dancing thoughtfully and prayerfully like a crazy person around my house when no one is home.
  • prayer doodling- examples from praying with the earth
  • prayer painting is my current phase

here are some prayer paintings:

guerrillas of grace



i always continue to pray with “guerrillas of grace: prayers for the battle” by ted loder. this one has been a continuous favorite for years.
i hope to keep adding to this page as i walk further in this new practice.



prayer of illumination:

To the God of love
The home of peace
The illustrator of stillness
We long for your presence
Illuminate in us your light
Open our eyes to your imagination
Let us share your calm, creative spirit to express a vision of transformation
May this prayer help you as it has helped me.