An Introvert Reverend & My Friend Rebecca

What makes the pastoral team at Park Avenue, where I’ve served for the last 2 years so diverse, isn’t just that the pastors have different racial, socio-economic, sexual and gender identities, it is that we are a mixture of introverts, extroverts and somewhere in between.

Pastor Rebecca is definitely an introvert. This makes her an incredible care-giver, advocate and pastor. It’s like her superpower. She’s incredibly talented, but her introverted character helps her to see the perspective of others, who might also be more introverted. She uses this as a way to understand so many in our congregation. It is truly a gift to get to work with her. She serves as the Pastor of Educational Advocacy and Administration and she fiercely loves all of the children in the Park Ave. family.

I always feel special when an introvert lets me into their life and calls me a friend. Some in her past discouraged her from following a call to ministry, but we are so blessed she persevered. Rebecca was recently ordained by our congregation and pastoral team. It is a special occasion to be a part of the ordination of a friend. I try to offer gifts for them to remember this exciting time, so I take pictures…

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