a picture of best friends…

i got to photograph two best friends recently- clarice and kristen. it was wonderful to watch these old friends interact with each other for the hour or so that we took photos.

they told me the story of when they met. they both had the sarcastic humor and abbreviated speech patterns that characterize close friends. we laughed all morning and had fun taking these pictures.

this was a great experience and it produced some very nice shots for these two friends. also there are some hilarious ones too.

check a few of them out:

One thought on “a picture of best friends…

  1. Sick of nothing more than selfies with my best friend, I turned to Darci for help. Kristen and I had so much fun and got the chance to literally frolic in a field. Darci was great; she kept us comfortable and made sure we got all the shots we wanted. I finally have the “frameable,” professional pictures I’ve been wanting!

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