Brevard College Workshop: Revealing the Veil

Annually the Women’s Leadership program at Brevard College travels together to Atlanta to bond as a group and explore social justice. This year they stayed at Lydia’s House at Park Avenue Baptist Church and did two modules with PABC.

The first workshop done by Trey is the Social Construct of Race combined with a history of Atlanta. This workshop provided a basis to allow this group of predominantly white students to begin locating themselves in the social locations of both college life and family life.

Art in the Image provided the second workshop where we investigated the image of the veil, as explained by WEB DuBois in the historic book, “The Souls of Black Folks.” Using the Visual Narrative Pastoral Care Model in this workshop we tell our own narratives and place ourselves in the context of the veil. This began some good conversations about perception and race and provided a basis for better communication about racial injustice in the United States.

Here are some photos:

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