caregiving art projects

Visual arts and acting out of creativity can produce an”interrupting hope”- through whatever hardships- when we image our world differently because our creativity has been sparked. This can change lives. It has changed my life.

In order for people to truly experience care they must be seen, meaning in a world that so often ignores and marginalizes, this cycle of invisibility must be halted. Invisibility and erasure keep many people from feeling seen.The artist seeks to truly see the world and together in workshops we take the time to truly see each other. This allows us to then re-envision the world as prophetic witnesses, while making art.

In caregiving art projects Art in the Image has been blessed to be able to walk along side groups-creating art together and in doing so creating images that can instill a lasting hope in the lives of everyone involved. This is the “interrupting hope.” 

Read more about artistic creation- the in-breaking of hope to learn how art-making can be the catalyst for systemic change in this world. 

Art in the Image has journeyed together with many groups in mural creation as a method of pastoral care.

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IMG_0652This piece is called “evolving radiance” and it is a study of light made with a group of women in a shelter for families. This is how we describe the piece.

During periods of time or seasons of life we have all experienced darkness; the light is dim, represented by the first piece. When we were making this piece, at the temporary housing shelter, our current stage of mind is represented by the center piece; we are in liminal space, but the light is more present. The final piece is the hope for the future. This hope is radiating and hopeful, colorful and playful. This hope keeps us going. 

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