Stonewall & Exodus Mural

Congregation Bet Haverim is a synagogue that promotes a bold and expansive Jewish identity and culture emphasizing inclusivity, creativity, spirituality and social justice to uphold a commitment to serve the LGBTQ and allied community. Each year CBH has a Pride Seder during the month of June, the anniversary month of the Stonewall Riot.

This year we decided to plan a Pride Art Shabbat, where we made a mural in the style of the Visual Narrative Pastoral Care Model. We wanted to focus the program to tell the stories of the Stonewall Riot and the Exodus, each being a moment in time that we look back to as a marker of our collective identies, as Jewish and/or LGBTQ-identified.


We started this project with an abstract image of a wall of brick and a wall of water. Rabbi Josh spoke of the midrash that imagines the Israelites walking through the Sea of Reeds and looking into the water and seeing themselves and all the generations, both past and future. With this in mind we used mixed media images to tell our own stories and find them within the wall and the water.


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