Summer Art & Worship Ministry

This summer I was lucky enough to work as the Arts and Worship Coordinator for the Youth Theological Initiative at Emory University. This was my second summer working for this awesome program that we call simply YTI. This program was founded in 1999 through a partnership of Candler School of Theology at Emory University and the Lilly Endowment with the academic writing of Dr. Craig Dykstra.

We work to engage youth with robust theology, understanding that a simplification of theological practice happens too often in youth ministry. In the creation of intentional community as well as academic work YTI strives to equip the young scholars to engage in theological reflection and action, and to ignite their vocational imaginations for the benefit of church and society.

Art in the Image engages the scholars to think creatively about different aspects of their faith, from worship to spiritual development, as well as their academic coursework. Every worship service we planned together had creative elements, often live painting or creative activities. Scholars played music and expressed devotion in many different ways. This experience was so important. These are just a few pictures from the three week experience.

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