live painting @Unearthed Worship Experience

Last month I participated in the Unearthed Worship Experience at First Baptist Church of Decatur. We sang together. Through the creative spirit I painted. We planted our prayers. It was a meaningful experience. Read more about it here.


Unearthed Live Painting


On March 17 at 8:00 pm at First Baptist Church of Decatur, Unearthed explored the idea of sanctuary. What does it mean to be a sanctuary? Where is the church a sanctuary? Where do I take safety for-granted? Where have I felt unsafe? What is holding me back from offering sanctuary to all? Where are my walls and how to I move past them? Do I have the key to open doors that are excluding others? Read more from the FBC Decatur website.

Amid this exploring of Sanctuary I attempted to capture an image of sanctuary amid walls. In reality walls exist and we can feel empowered to create sanctuary and tear down walls.



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