Art in the Image Serves the Stewart Center

On Saturday, February 25 Art in the Image ministry of Park Avenue Baptist Church created 2 group paintings with the Stewart Center youth. The Stewart Center youth were participating in a retreat at Lydia’s House, another ministry of Park Avenue. Art in the Image is grateful to provide modules for groups that are staying at Lydia’s House.

In these modules we make group art. The paintings are an exercise in the visual narrative pastoral care style. In these sessions we speak about how we are all made in the image of God and the character of God is creative.God created us in God’s own image, as creative beings. When we act out of this creative spirit, we are worshipping God.

Youth are encouraged to create in this devotional manner. We speak about meditation and concentration, as practical ways to find serenity amid a difficult world. We observe colors in images closely and build our painting on the photographs that we use to start conversation. These photos are a resource of Art in the Image- check them out here.

The youth use photographic images to express a part of their story or their feelings. These images are then incorporated into the mixed media painting.

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