live painting: a time to pray

dsc_0149When I’m painting in front of a congregation I really remember how to pray.

I’m always nervous painting in worship – no matter what – to paint in front of a group; to think on my toes; to make contact with God in that moment – right on time – that is serious devotion.

It’s exhilarating – don’t get me wrong – but I get very nervous. I used to have to remove my shoes in order to become grounded enough to pray through the nerves. When I painted at the New Baptist Covenant with Rev. Traci Blackmon I had to do this.darci-painting-nbc

Something happens in the creative moment and that is the Holy Spirit moving. The focus and meditation that comes with drawing, painting or photographing has been a necessary spiritual connection. I practice this type of artistic devotion and it keeps me grounded, but to do that in front of a whole group is where the rubber meets the road.

In preparation for the worship service I meditate on the scripture and do some sketching and drawing. I pray deeply and look at images. I love this type of devotion, so it comes naturally it doesn’t feel like work. It fills me up.


I am not a trained artist, and I say that to emphasize the work of God through a person. I do this work for the glory of God. I have been blessed with many opportunities to share this gift in the community. Click here to read about some past live worship painting events.



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