liturgical banners

As part of Art in the Image’s textile cottage industry I would like to introduce our Liturgical Banner line!

These are homemade appliquee-style banners. What is appliquee?- Good question- I thought I was just not good at quilting, but it turns out appliquee is a style unto itself, where pieces of fabric are sew directly over top of another fabric.

The banners represent the colors of the liturgical seasons. White and gold are the colors for the season of Christmas tide and Epiphany. Lent’s liturgical colors are purples. Easter season’s color is white. Penetecost’s color is red. During Advent the color blue often appears with significance. These season’s colors all have significance and are used in different ways and to different degrees in different traditions.

I am going to produce these banners as orders are received. These banners are a modern take  on the tradition of using banners to represent liturgical seasons.

Some photos of the process are shown below and if you are interested in commissioning a set for the upcoming liturgical season- please let us know as soon as possible- by emailing: .

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