PASAQUAN!!!- bday roadtrip adventure-

Amy and my best friend Bekah took me on a birthday roadtrip adventure to Pasaquan in Marion County, Georgia. This is the home of Eddie Owens Martin a folk artist and visionary who made his home into an oasis of religious imagery from many different traditions.

The reason i  wanted to write about this experience on the Art in the Image cite is because it shows the ability of the creative to capture everyone and anyone and inspire them. Read more about it and the project of Columbus State to help restore the art here: 

This place is amazing! This man – they call him St. EOM- envisioned a place of community and union between all faiths and belief systems. He was the picture of inclusive in his vision. He was inspired by God to go home from New York city and make art in rural Georgia.

It’s a great story to learn about in a time when polarization is increasing and it would seem Atlanta might be the only oasis in the desert of conservatism in Georgia. Then I learn about this place that exists in central Georgia.

I am inspired and rejuvenated to continue the important work of Art in the Image. Creativity is the power of God within and can reach anyone and everyone!

Here are some pictures!



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