azalea village project

The Azalea Village mural project is happened November 18. It was a group of families from the community and Clairmont Presbyterian Church. We came together to experience creativty as an act of devotion. The group was diverse and we all began from a different perspective, but upon making the mural together we began to see the similarities in our expression.

I worked with Caitlyn Delano, who serves as the community developer- a kind of local missionary who lives with her family in the Azalea Village. Azalea Village is a project of Clairmont Presbyterian Church, which amounts to a group of 7 houses that are occupied by refugee families.

Caitlyn’s vision is to create an arts space in the basement of their house to serve as a community-building creative common ground. I helped clean out the basement and envisioned a project to create a community mural. In doing this we hope to generate the interest of the church community to invest in the arts space.

the proposal that I submitted to the board was approved! interested in how the spiritual development of group creative process can help bridge communities? azalea-village-proposal

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