dia de los muertos

The Candler Latin American Community asked me to help them create a piece of art to go on their alter on Dia de los Muertos. I am very clear that I will not culturally appropriate in the process of making art. This group is comprised of mainly latino folks and some Spanish-speaking European descended folks.

Since my methods usually include making art in groups, I suggested that we set a time and meet at the Art in The Image studio and craft the large-scale acrylic piece ourselves. A date and time were set and I figured the investment of a couple of hours to craft this together was worth it in order to help my fellows at Candler.

When only one of the committee showed up my plan had to change. We brainstormed sketched and I ended up painting in the style of classic contemporary Latin art. Here’s what I came up with, as well as pictures of the alter on Dia de los Muertos.

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