a body of painting for series on embodied theology

For 5 weeks in October of 2016 Park Avenue Baptist Church addressed embodied theology. Darci Jaret painted during 4 weeks of this sermon series. Painting can be a type of prayer, and by nature this is a type of embodied theology. To read more about prayer painting – click here. Art in the Image has resources to help someone begin the practice of prayer painting.

Live painting in service is a type of worship arts that many churches incorporate in Sunday services. Art in the Image regularly paints live in worship services. To read more about the process and thoughts behind live painting – click here.

During the “Body Talk” series in October 2016, we asked our congregants to challenge themselves to embody their faith in many different ways. Pictured here is the alter that asks us to look deeply at ourselves, as one looks deeply at the human form in drawing the shape dolls.

Jen Lyon opened up this series preaching about accepting our bodies as God made us, despite the negative self-talk, the health problems and when we accept ourselves we allow the God that is in us to be embodied.

Here are photos from the first of a 4 part piece.

Photos from the second part of the embodied theology worship arts paintings.

Here is the painting from week 3:

This is week 4, a picture of the completed series, entitled, “Whole Body Worship”


These four pieces come together to form a circle. The circle is a powerful image that Park Avenue uses to illustrate inclusion and community. We say “Join the Circle,” so this piece, an example of embodied prayer made during worship, forms an inclusive symbol and picture of community.

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