creative meditation for fbcd

i am collaborating with my former church First Baptist Church of Decatur to help produce their small groups, or Koinonia groups’ facilitator guide.

this week’s addition is a creative meditation on Acts 2:42.

community of people in a tree.jpegMeditating on Scripture: Image identification

Supplies needed: scissors, paste, eye glasses (as needed) and imagination

This week we are continuing to look at Acts 2:42. Look at the first image: “community of people in a tree”- this image will be the inspiration for our envisioning work in this meditation section. The end product of our visioning meditation exercise might look something like this. We will populate a tree with our images, but in a different way.

In this meditation we will use many images and several collages that incorporate many biblical themes. We encourage you to look deeply at these images. There are many things to see and to relate to in each. Take some time and reflect on these images.

The theme that jumps out in current readings of this passage in Acts is the simplicity of living in true communion and community with others. Simplicity is so complex! We have so much in our lives to take up our time and our mental bandwidth.

The complexity and density of these collages could be representative of some of that cluttered life. Find a part of an image that resonates with you.

Maybe it’s a part of an image that you reject. If that happens- look again. Perhaps this repulsion reminds us of a part of life that we relate to, but wish to change.

Conversely we might see an image that resonates with the hope we feel in Christian community. Cut out an image that reminds us of the possibility of theimg_4542 church and relationship with Christ to redeem the world.

All of these parts of our life- both the positive and negative make up our lives and the life
of our community. All of these parts have a place in the tree of our community.

(the respective sizes of the images will have to vary. the can be printed in 17″x 11″- and the collages are to be printed in 4.25″x 5.5″)

Once you have cut them out- put them on the tree image and take a picture to email to the Koinonia team.


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