visual devotional arts group @ Candler

yesterday was the opportunities fair at Candler School of Theology. i didn’t have permission or an assigned table, but i set up a station anyway.

i placed this featured collage on a chair- a piece i put together to exemplify religious imagery, to show the impact of images and how they can be used to portray feelings.

this piece features a lot of religious symbolism, but also includes “secular” imagery as well. i believe and make all art as an act of devotion and fulfillment of a theology of creativity .

i used this medium because of the accessibility. i think collage as a medium also shows how available visual arts devotional work can be to everyone.

i am starting a group at Candler for others who already worship in this way or for people who recognize the emphasis of visual imagery in our culture and know that church communities need to use this powerful medium more.

– we don’t have a great name yet-

but this group will support other groups, students and the community at Candler to use visual arts.

visual arts can be used in 3 distinct ways and this is our goal:

  1. to support and amplify the worship experiences at Cannon Chapel
  2. for spiritual development and prayer practice
  3. to create caregiving situations that allow for feelings to be expressed visually

if you would like to join this group or hear more about what we are up to please contact me!

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